Sharon’s Vision for Change

I am standing to be General Secretary so that we can take our Union back to the workplace. I believe that we have moved too far from our core business—protecting jobs and improving the pay and conditions of our members.

Sharon’s Manifesto

The first consultation on a manifesto for change continues. The six parts of Sharon’s programme will be published here for consultation. A concrete plan to take our union back to the workplace.

I believe that now is the time for real change. Employers are emboldened and many are exploiting the pandemic. The issues we will face together; fire and rehire, closures, suppression of pay and attacks on our Reps, will need a serious plan - not soundbites. This is why I have drafted a comprehensive Manifesto for Change. Over the coming weeks I will be discussing each section of the manifesto in detail and carrying out an ongoing consultation. Now more than ever we need to get back to the workplace.

Sharon Graham

Industrial: Back to the workplace

Equalities: Action not words

Retired members & Community: Truly part of our union

Across our

Democracy: A lay members’ union

A workers’

What do these ideas mean for your workplace?

To take part in our consultation for change…